Abergele Cemetery

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Brown W E S.E. 80WW2Chips centre. Level turf verges. Conwy
Chorlton J S.E.81WW2L/T. Conwy
MacKenzie A A N.E.21WW1White marble memorial 5 high. Granite kerb, chips. 3 forward over path & 2 right of C/H W.J. Jones. Casualty 4th inscription. Conwy
Rowlands H MN.W.19WW1Red granite column 8' high. Double space - kerb and chains. Chips. 2 in front of CH Jones. Casualty on top left tier, second inscription. Conwy
Taylor A N.E. 155WW1L/T. Conwy
Taylor J G N.E.202WW1L/T.Conwy
Wetton E S.W.136WW25ft marble cross on 3 tier base. Matching kerb, chips. 8 right & 6 behind over path Brown (CH). Casualty on right tier. Conwy