Amlwch Cemetery

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Edwards W 3.288WW22'6" slate headstone, kerbs with chipping C/F. (CH) semi-recumbent on grave centre. 3B & 14R ROBERTS E (CH).Anglesey
Edwards W R272WW16' white marble headpiece, kerbs with chipping C/F Casualty 1st inscription. 24L and 8B ROBERTS (CH).Anglesey
Hughes J 675WW13' grey granite headstone, double kerbs/posts. Chipping C/F. Also 2 x semi-recumbent inscribed white marble plaques either side of (CH). Through gates, 2nd rows down central pathway on right side and 15 graves in on the right.Anglesey
Hughes J R 3.391WW23' 6" grey granite headpiece, kerbs/posts. Chipping C/F. Casualty 1st inscription. 1F & 19R JONES (CH).Anglesey
Hughes W H 3.261WW2Unmarked grave 2008 wrote to council. 2' 6" marble headpiece, kerbs and chipping C/F. 1F W EDWARDS (CH).Anglesey
Jones O P 480WW16' white marble cross, double kerbs. Chipping C/F. Casualty 2nd inscription. 3R & 11B HUGHES (CH)Anglesey
Jones R 481WW1L/TAnglesey
Owens D1.66WW23' grey granite headpiece, kerbs with chipping C/F. Casualty 3rd inscription. 1B & 21L ROBERTS (CH).Anglesey
Roberts D51 GWW1T/MAnglesey
Roberts E3.200WW23' grey granite headstone, kerbs chipping C/F. (CH) semi-recumbent at foot of grave. Short (CH).Anglesey
Roberts R 3.246WW23' 6" grey granite headpiece, kerbs with chipping C/F. Casualty 1st inscription. 1F & 13R EDWARDS (CH).Anglesey
Roberts R M 817FWW17'6" white marble headpiece, kerbs/posts. Chipping C/F Casualty 3rd inscription. 3B over path & 2L JONES (PM)Anglesey
Tyrer R42WW16' slate headstone. L/T. Casualty 1st inscription. 16L Roberts (CH).Anglesey