Bangor (Glanadda) Cemetery

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Ashton O H East (New Ground) 1911WW2L/T.Gwynedd
Bevis C T(Old Ground) E.1420AWW1Marble inscribed kerbs, chips C/F. 5B JENNINGS (CH).Gwynedd
Bibby JEast (New Ground) C.2297AWW1L/T.Gwynedd
Bragg W HEast (New Ground) C.2297AWW1L/T.Gwynedd
Breeze R G West (New Ground) 511WW2L/T.Gwynedd
Brown WR.C.P.26WW2L/T.Gwynedd
Burns R West (Old Ground) B.826WW1L/T. Gwynedd
Campion F E (Old Ground) E.464WW1L/T.Gwynedd
Carr T, Saunders E East (New Ground) 2346AWW1L/T (2CH. 1 Grave).Gwynedd
Carter G E25 (Roman Catholic Ground)WW2Slate memorial 3' high. Matching kerbs, chips. Also semi-recumbent slate inscribed plaque 14"x24". Casualty 1st inscription on headpiece. 1R SEXTON (CH). Gwynedd
Charlton W A West (Circular Part) 17WW1Marble memorial 3' high, matching kerbs, chips. Casualty 1st inscription. 2B & 2L COOIL (CH).Gwynedd
Cooil C AWest (Circular Part) W.IWW1Marble cross 3'6" high. 3 tier base, matching kerb, chips. Casualty on right tier. 6B over path and 3L around circle from JENNINGS (CH).Gwynedd
Crutchley P West (Old Ground) 893WW2Slate plaque 2' x 2' at foot of (CH). L/T. Casualty 2nd inscription.Gwynedd
Davies DWest (New Ground) H.511WW1Plain slate kerb, chips C/F. Gwynedd
Doheny JWest (Old Ground) 704AWW1L/T. Gwynedd
Duxbury PWest (New Portion) 55WW1L/T. Gwynedd
Edwards H O East (Old Part) 1000WW2L/T. Gwynedd
Edwards T R , Redding J East (New Ground) 2346AWW1L/T (2 CH.1 Grave)Gwynedd
Evans H R West (Old Ground) 637WW2Black granite memorial 2' high. CH is footstone, facing into grave. L/T. Gwynedd
Farrell J West (Old Ground) 704BWW1L/T. Gwynedd
French G West (New Portion) 112WW2Portland inscribed kerbs, chips. (CH) at head of grave. Also a semi-recumbent 14"x22" slate plaque at foot of grave.Gwynedd
Griffiths DEast (New Ground) C.2297AWW1L/T.Gwynedd
Griffiths EWest (New Ground) 557 WW1L/T.Gwynedd
Hollister L M 4WW2Soil border, planted to Commission standard.Gwynedd
Hughes A West (New Ground) 741WW2Semi-recumbent Portland plaque 20" x 18" at foot of (CH). L/T.Gwynedd
Hughes J West (Old Ground) B.902WW1L/T.Gwynedd
Hughes W S Commemorated on a (A/C) MemoriWW11 x A/C also commemorates Riddell, Roberts J and Thomas W J. Grave now located. Double slate kerbs with chipping C/F. (CH) semi-recumbent on grave centre. Gwynedd
Jennings B T East (Old Ground) 1361AWW1L/T.Gwynedd
Jones D W West (New Ground) 757WW1L/T.Gwynedd
Jones H MWest (New Ground) 1520WW2Slate memorial 3' high. Matching kerb, chips. Casualty 1st inscription. 6F over path and 9L JONES.N. (CH). (PM) leaning to left. ON EDGE OF PATH.Gwynedd
Jones J West (New Ground) 578WW1L/T.Anglesey
Jones J HWest (New Part) 76WW1Slate memorial 5' high. Matching kerb. Casualty 3rd inscription. 4F & 2R WILLIAMS (CH). (PM) leaning to right.Gwynedd
Jones NWest (New Ground) 1665WW2Slate memorial (Book type) 18" x 18", matching kerb. Chipping C/F. (CH) at head of grave. Gwynedd
Jones-Roberts PWest (Circular Part) 13WW1DISMANTLED Granite cross 4'6" high. 8' x 8' matching kerb. Grass centre. Casualty 1st inscription. 2B SAVAGE (PM). Gwynedd
Lewis C V West (New Ground) 1269 WW1Marble memorial 5' high. Plain stone kerb, chips. Casualty 2nd inscription. With back to A/C memorial, 6yds forward 7 3 grave spaces left. Gwynedd
Lewis W R GRAVE C1. 1409WW12ft Black polished granite headstone and kerbs. 3 Behind JENNINGS (CH). Gwynedd
Matthews A East (New Ground) 2369AWW1L/T.Gwynedd
McCarthy J, Carlyon W H West (New Portion) 55WW1CH at foot of DUXBURY (CH). Gwynedd
Mobberley D V West (New Portion) 473WW2Marble block 2'6" high with figure 4'. Matching kerbs, chips. Casualty on left of block. 17B & 20L ROBERTS (CH) in same plot. Gwynedd
Peppel I East (Old Ground) 1340AWW1L/T.Gwynedd
Pozzi MW (New Ground) 543WW1L/T.Gwynedd
Price C O East (New Ground) 1897WW1Slate memorial 4' high. Plain matching kerb, grass centre. Casualty 1st inscription. 5F & 7L WARD (PM). (PM) leaning to right at angle. Gwynedd
Pritchard WWest (New Ground) 43WW1Sandstone 18" stone memorial. L/T. Records J Pritchard at foot of grave. 1 other recorded on back of CH. Gwynedd
Rees I HEast (New Ground) 2369AWW1L/T.Gwynedd
Riddell P B (spelt Rydel)Commemorated on a (A/C) MemoriWW11 x A/C also commemorates Hughes W S, Roberts J and Thomas W J. Gwynedd
Roberts J Commemorated on a (A/C) MemoriWW11 x A/C also commemorates Hughes W S, Riddell P B, and Thomas W J. Gwynedd
Roberts OWest (New Ground) 1214AWW13' recumbent slate memorial. Casualty 1st inscription. 3F & 1R TYNAN (CH). L/T. Gwynedd
Roberts R West (New Portion) W.156.WW1Double granite kerb, polished, inscribed, chips. (CH) at head of grave.Gwynedd
Rosher J R East (New Portion) 13WW1Dismantled marble cross 3'6" high. matching kerb, concrete C/F. 2B & 9R Roberts (CH).Gwynedd
Rowlands H R East (Old Ground) 1382CWW1L/T. Plain small footstone.Gwynedd
Rowlands O P West (New Ground) 1392WW2Granite memorial 3' high. matching kerb, chips. Casualty 2nd inscription. 1B & 12R LEWIS (PM).Gwynedd
Savage J F West (Circular Portion) 11WW1Marble scroll 2' x 2', matching kerb inscribed. Also 4 x open inscribed 18" x 24" white marble books on grave centre. Casualty 3rd inscription on scroll. 1B & 1R CHARLTON (PM). Gwynedd
Sexton TR.C.P.26WW1L/T.Gwynedd
Swaboda E8WW2Soil border, planted to Commission standard.Gwynedd
Thomas J East (Old Ground) 1340AWW1L/T.Gwynedd
Thomas R West (New Ground) 385HWW1T/M.Gwynedd
Thomas R DWest (New Ground) B.223WW1L/T.Gwynedd
Thomas R M East (Old Ground) 1134WW2T/M.Gwynedd
Thomas W J Commemorated on a (A/C) MemoriWW11 x A/C headstones also commemorates Hughes W S, Riddell P B and Roberts J. Gwynedd
Thomson D J East (Old Ground) 1203BWW2Marble tablet 2' on concrete base. Set on a turf mound with concrete top and chips. Casualty 1st inscription. 3F & 1R WILLIAMS (CH). Gwynedd
Tottley F(New Part) C.2335 or 2235WW1L/T.Gwynedd
Tynan WWest (New Ground) 1211WW2White marble kerbs with inscribed semi-recumbent plaque 14" x 10" at foot of grave. Chipping C/F. (CH) at head of grave. Gwynedd
Walford W J (New Part) U.181WW1Slate memorial 5' high. Matching kerbs/footstone, chips C/F. Casualty 1st inscription 1B & 5R ROBERTS (CH).Gwynedd
Walsh T West (New Portion) 55WW1L/T.Gwynedd
Ward M (New Part) C.2016WW1Grey granite cross 3' high on block. Matching kerb. White chippings C/F. Casualty on front tier. 2nd grave on left of entrance near tap. through entrance gates, 28yds up hill on left side of main path, leading up to CofS.Gwynedd
Williams E REast (Old Ground) 868.AWW2L/T. Also semi-recumbent grey granite inscribed 10" x 20" plaque at foot of grave. Gwynedd
Williams G West (New Ground) 1100WW214" x 16" inscribed slate book at foot of (CH). Slate kerbs. Chipping C/F. Gwynedd
Williams H H(Old Part) C1298AWW1L/T.Gwynedd
Williams W(Old Part) C.1004AWW1L/T.Gwynedd