Bangor Monachorum (St. Dunawd) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Dodd TNorth of ChurchWW1L/T. Wrexham
Jone H G E ERow 1WW24' White marble headstone in family plot. L/T. 3rd grave from church door on R. Also semi-recumbent plaque 14" x 20". Casualty 1st inscription. 3 behind over path & 13 left Dodd (CH). Grave 3 West of entrance path, North of church porch. Wrexham
Mackenzie DSouth West cornerWW1L/T. Wrexham
Ormrod L J, Ormrod L M (M.C.), Ormrod O HSouth East partWW17' Grey granite cross. Uninscribed kerb 18' x 10'. level turf CF. 4 right & 51yds forward Mackenzie (CH). L J - 1st inscription on the right face. L M - 2nd inscription on the left face. O H - 1st inscription on the left face. Wrexham