Beaumaris Cemetery

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Hemingway LC.E.421WW1L/TAnglesey
Hill S VC.E.421WW1L/TAnglesey
Jones EN.C.110WW1Slate Headstone, matching kerbs, chips. 8B & 5R OWEN (CH). Casualty 1st inscription. 12 grave in row from chapel, 3rd row down from path. Anglesey
Jones R V C.E.58WW1White Marble cross 6', matching kerbs, double space, chips Cf. 1B 12L of Williams. Casualty on left tier. Anglesey
Kite E JB.551WW2Slate memorial 3', matching kerbs, chips CF. In 4th row up from entrance. Casualty 3rd inscription. 7F & 9L HILL (CH). WILLIAMS Family grave. Anglesey
Owen T N.C.362WW1L/TAnglesey
Williams JC.E.89WW1CH recumbent kerbs. S/Mem at head of grave. 21 yards from N.E corner of Chapel. Direction North. At top right corner of old section of cemetery.Anglesey
Williams J NN.C.421AWW1White marble memorial 5'9", matching kerbs, chains, chips. 24R 3F of Owen. Casualty 3rd inscription.Anglesey