Brymbo (St. Mary) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Davies H 483 (North part)WW2Marble inscribed kerb with semi-recumbent 14" x 14" white marble scroll. Chipping centre with vase. Casualty on bottom inside right kerb. 4 behind over path & 8 right Venables (CH). Wrexham
Davies J W234WW1L/T. 5ft white marble headstone, matching kerbs. CH in centre of grave. Wrexham
Edwards F D179WW1L/T. Wrexham
Gallimore W336 (North part)WW2Plain concrete slab with marble vase. Wrexham
Griffiths RNear West end of ChurchWW1L/T. New CH erected 10/04/2008 located 2ft forward of tree to accommodate base. Wrexham
Venables W G A961 (North part)WW2L/T. Wrexham
Williams G A429WW1L/T. Wrexham