Capel Curig (Ss. Curig And Julitta) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Hughes I S S.E. partWW23ft grey granite headstone. Plain polished matching kerb. CF chips 1st row, South boundary wall. Casualty 1st inscription. Through main gates to end of churchyard. On right side, 6 rows from rear wall and 1st grave against right boundary wall.Conwy
Wigram E H L N.E. partWW23'6" Grey granite cross on block. Plain matching kerb. L/T CF. Also semi-recumbent grey granite polished plaque on centre of grave. Through main gates to end of churchyard. Grave is 3 rows back from boundary wall and 8 graves in from left wall. Casualty on cross. Conwy