Coedpoeth Cemetery And Memorial Garden

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Francis TB.862WW2Portland kerb inscribed, chips. CH against head kerb. Wrexham
Griffiths W H A.382WW1York stone memorial 6' high. Double space, matching kerb and turf. No inscription to W.H. Griffiths. 1 left of CH to Williams. Wrexham
Hughes IA.713WW2T/M. Wrexham
Johnson RD.1846WW1L/T. Wrexham
Jones E TD.1733WW1Inscribed white marble kerb. Double space, chips. 14 behind CH to Johnson. Casualty on head kerb, right side. Wrexham
Morris J J A.683WW1T/M. Wrexham
Powell GA.639WW2White marble inscribed kerb. C/filled with chippings. CH at head of grave, outside of kerb. Wrexham
Richards A K E.2370WW2Small turf mound. Wrexham
Roberts I TA.716WW1L/T. Wrexham
Roden LA.4WW1York stone memorial 5'6" high, matching kerb, chips. On entering the cemetery, 2nd grave on left of entrance gate. Pathside. Casualty 3rd inscription. Wrexham
Rogers PD.1872WW2White marble inscribed kerb, chips. 5 behind and 3 to left of CH to Johnson. Casualty on left kerb. Wrexham
Williams IA.383WW2T/M. Wrexham
Wynne T OA.276WW2White marble memorial 2'6" high. L/T. Also a pink marble recumbent Plaque 18" x 21". (CH) at foot of grave. Wrexham