Colwyn Bay (Bronynant) Cemetery

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Atkinson A E 1.141WW2L/T.Conwy
Brooke G E I.318WW2Plain Portland kerb. CF chips. (CH) set too low in kerb. (No action possible as part of head kerb). Conwy
Byron F 1.48WW2York stone memorial 3' high. Matching kerb, chips CF. 3B 6L of Atkinson. Casualty 2nd inscription. Conwy
Cook S Y B.358WW1White marble shield, kerbs, chips CF. 1B 1R of PM to Darby. Casualty 1st inscription. Conwy
Culshaw R H.421 (R.C. Ground)WW12' York stone wall kerb, recumbent inscribed slate plaque 2' x 1' at foot of grave. Paved. Casualty 1st inscription. 1 behind over path & 11 right W. Evans (CH). Conwy
Darby E B.342WW1Marble shield. L/T. 13R of Holes. Conwy
Davies W S E.355WW1Recumbent white marble scroll. In 7th row B of Edwards and 23 right. Casualty 1st inscription. Conwy
Edwards H E E.4WW2L/T. Conwy
Evans O L.184WW2Grey granite memorial 3' high. Matching kerb, chips CF. Casualty 1st inscription. 3R 5F Atkinson. Conwy
Evans W D.223WW2L/T. Conwy
Hill R P B.388WW17' Marble column. Kerbs, chips CF. 1B 16R of Holes. Casualty 1st inscription. Also recumbent plaque 18" x 20" at foot of column. (PM) leaning forward. Conwy
Holes P W R B.147WW2Semi-recumbent 12" x 12" white marble tablet at foot of (CH). L/T. Conwy
Hughes W G M C.181WW2L/T (Also inscribed on headpiece - In loving memory of Nora Blodwen Ridgway, 2nd July 1975, age 58. The Lord is my Shepherd MIZPAH). Conwy
Le Huguet J C.251WW1L/T. Conwy
Miles F B.218WW1L/T.Gwynedd
Parry E A.175WW2Granite memorial 3' high. Plain matching kerb, chips. 2 rows forward, 27 left over path of C/H Holes. Conwy
Phillips W D.406WW1Inscribed white marble kerb, chips CF. 9R of G. Thomas. Casualty 1st inscription on right kerb. Conwy
Roberts W M C.295WW1L/T. Conwy
Smith J E I.12WW2York stone kerb, slate plaque 18" x 12". Paved CF. 1 in front, 8 left of C/H Atkinson. Casualty on plaque at foot of grave. Conwy
Stafford A L B.365WW1L/T. Conwy
Thomas G D.277WW1L/T.Conwy
Thomas G J D.192WW1L/T. Conwy
Thomas R B.370WW2Inscribed white marble kerb. Chips CF. 2F 15R of Holes. Casualty on right kerb. Conwy
Unknown Seaman, MacKay J B.217, B232WW13'6" Portland rough block. L/T. 1F of Miles (CH). MacKay 1st inscription. Unknown Seaman 2nd inscription. Conwy
White E C.219WW1L/T. Conwy
Williams D F C.271WW2T/M. Additional burial brother John Henry Williams Dec 2006. Conwy
Williams F D.331WW14' Marble H/S. Plain kerbs. Chips CF. 4R 6F of G Thomas . Casualty 1st inscription. Conwy
Williams H D.311WW1L/T. Conwy
Williams K E.408WW18' granite cross. Kerbs, chips CF. 1 B of Edwards and at far end of row next to path. Casualty 1st inscription on R/H side. Gwynedd
Williams W E B.260WW15'6" slate headstone. L/T. 2F 3R of miles. Casualty 1st inscription. (PM) leaning forward. Conwy