Connah's Quay Cemetery

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Brockley RT.15WW2Black grantex kerb 6ft x 3ft with chippings. (CH) at head of grave outside kerbs. Flintshire
Cameron C E197 CONWW1Recumbent 5ft sandstone headstone and kerbs to Foulkes family. Located forward of Dodd (CH) over path in front row of next plot facing road, 9th memorial from left hand corner. Propose CH at foot of grave ordered June 2012. Flintshire
Dodd J DCon.A.460WW2L/T. Flintshire
Dutton BNC.A.343WW1L/T. Flintshire
Edwards FUncon.A.23.WW25'6" red sandstone headstone. L/T. (CH) at foot of grave. Flintshire
Edwards G H Y.14WW22' grey granite headstone. Kerb, chippings C/F. 12 left over path & 1 behind Brockley (CH). Flintshire
Ferguson H H.50WW2White marble kerb, chippings C/F. 2 rows behind, 5 rows left of W. Reddin (CH). Casualty on right kerb. Flintshire
Foulkes AT.26WW24' black marble cross on base. L/T. 1 row behind and 2 graves left of CH R Brockley. Flintshire
Hutton RT.11WW2Black Grantex kerb, chippings C/F. 1row forward, 1 grave right of CH to Shepherd. Casualty on right kerb. Flintshire
Jones R L CE.A.518WW13' grey granite recumbent cross. Kerb. L/T. 4 behind & 8 left of CH Dodd. (CH) at head of grave. Flintshire
Lloyd D JCE.A.417WW15' white marble headstone. Kerb, level turf C/F. 3 behind CH Dodd and 5 right over path. Casualty 1st inscription. Flintshire
Pearson HCE.A.560WW1York stone kerb 6ft x 3ft with level turf C/F. 11 left and 2 forward of CH Dodd. Casualty on right kerb. CH at head of grave inside kerb set erected March 2009. Flintshire
Pritchard R JH.30WW2Grey granite headstone 2ft high. Kerbs. Chippings C/F. 2 forward, 1 left of Reddin (CH). Casualty 1st inscription. Flintshire
Reddin WH.22WW2White marble kerbs. Chippings C/F. 18" x 20" semi-recumbent white marble plaque at foot of grave. (CH) at head of grave. Flintshire
Roberts A F H.15WW2York stone kerb 6ft x 3ft with chippings. 1 row behind, 1 grave right of W. Reddin. (CH) semi-recumbent on grave centre. Flintshire
Shepherd JT.16WW2White marble kerbs. Grass C/F. (CH) at head of grave. Flintshire
Williams W ECE.A.531WW16 White marble headstone. Level turf. 8 left of CH to Dodd. Casualty 2nd inscription. (PM) leaning forward. Flintshire