Conwy (St. Agnes) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Craven J Section D.96 (Extension)WW2The PM is white marble inset let into a concrete kerb. Chips CF. 1 back, 2 left of E Roberts. Casualty 1st inscription. Conwy
Dibley C M North sideWW13'6" red sandstone cross. Plain matching kerb. Turf infill. Burial recorded as 0 for verification purposes. Now A/C in Conwy CemeteryConwy
Hughes D J Section C.71 (Extension)WW21 behind and 2 right of Williams. Semi-recumbent 3' x 2' grey granite headstone, plain grey granite kerb. CF - Turf. casualty 2nd inscription. Conwy
Jones E (M.M)Section E.5 (Extension)WW2L/Soil. Conwy
Jones G Section D.91 (Extension)WW2Local stone kerb - inscribed. CF - chips. Conwy
Roberts E Section D.89WW2Conwy
Thomas W R Section B.33 (Extension)WW2York stone 2' x 3' headstone. Matching kerb - inscribed. CF - Chips. 2 forward and 1 right of Williams (CH). Casualty 2nd inscription. Conwy
Williams A J H Section C.81 (Extension)WW2L/Open soil. Conwy
Williams TSection A.29 (Extension)WW2Level turf. Conwy