Flint General Cemetery

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Cogley S JM.S. 3119 2nd class section. WW2White marble headstone 3ft high and level turf. Casualty 2nd inscription. 19 behind over path and 7 right of Duncan (CH). Flintshire
Duncan C A PSection K. Row A.2376WW2L/T. Flintshire
Hogan D O DSection L. Row C.2762. 1st claWW2Grey granite headstone 3ft high and level turf. Casualty 1st inscription 3R of 5' white marble cross depicting crucifix to Tony Martin. Continue to top of main central pathway, then onto grass to rear boundary hedge. 3 rows forward of hedge. 12 graves from left hand end of row. Flintshire
Owen T WSection F. Row B.1337. WW2Black polished granite memorial 2' x 6" x 2'. L/T. Casualty 1st inscription. From entrance gates, 94yds up on left side and 2 graves in. Flintshire