Gresford (All Saints) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Barratt W Nr N boundary.WW1Surround paved by old sandstone memorials. Wrexham
Barton T B S.W. of Church TowerWW1White marble memorial 4'6" high, matching kerb, chips. 14 memorials behind & 1 left Soames (PM). Casualty on headpiece. Wrexham
Daley T7WW2Semi-recumbent 12" x 18" black granite inscribed plaque on a concrete slab, set at foot of (CH). Wrexham
Field W J S. of Church TowerWW14'6" York stone memorial. Level turf. 9 rows behind and 18 right of CH to Griffiths. Also 4F, 2L Barton (PM). Wrexham
Fishbourne C EIn S.W. corner. WW1Recumbent pennant stone memorial 6' x 2'6". Casualty on right side. 18 left & 18 behind Barton (PM). Wrexham
Griffiths R ESouth boundaryWW1L/T Under mature Cedar. Wrexham
Soames A H LSouth of ChurchWW1Two, (3' x 2') Recumbent, granite ledger stone laid within 10' x 12' . Triple kerb and paved centre. Also a recumbent stone 7' x 3' in centre of grave. 6 behind x 21 right Griffiths (CH). Casualty commemorated on right ledger stone and on the right hand side of large central memorial. Wrexham