Gwalchmai (St. Morhaiarn) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Evans RNew Ground. Row 3.6WW2Slate memorial 2'9", matching kerbs, chips. Casualty 3rd inscription. In 5th row L of main gate, new plot. 5 graves up from house/boundary wall.Anglesey
Evans R Near N. wall of ChurchWW1Slate kerbs, chippings CF. (CH) at head grave.Anglesey
Hughes WIn S.E partWW1Concrete kerbs/grave centre. (CH) sat as head kerb. Close to S.E. corner of church.Anglesey
Williams H CNear N. boundaryWW1Slate memorial 4'6". L/T. 6R & 3B over path R.EVANS (CH). Adjacent to boundary hedge/house.Anglesey