Gwersyllt (Holy Trinity) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Davies FN.G.3.49WW1Plain concrete kerb. Chips Cf. (CH) mounted on concrete block. Wrexham
Dooley WN.G.5.17WW118" York stone memorial. L/T. 3B of Tilson (CH). (CH) immediately forward of (PM). Wrexham
Evans BN.G.7.7WW1A/C Memorial - North side of Church near boundary wall. 'Buried Elsewhere In This Churchyard'. Wrexham
Gilpin RN.G.4.6WW1L/T. Wrexham
Higgins J WOld ground. WW2L/T. Wrexham
Jones G M S.W. part. West row 21. WW1York stone memorial 3' high. Double space. L/T. CH at foot of grave. Wrexham
Joyce S WC.4.25WW2Open black marble book, concrete kerbs, chipping infill. CH 10cm in from head kerb. Wrexham
Lewis EN.G.4.4.41WW1York stone kerb, inscribed, chips. 1 in front, 8 left of CH Davies. Casualty on right kerb. Wrexham
Matthias OC.1.1WW2Pennant kerb, inscribed, chips CF. (CH) at head of grave outside of kerbs. Wrexham
Rathbone W AC.3.23WW2Terrazo kerbs with marble inserts, chips CF. 1F & 2R Joyce (CH). Casualty on right side. Wrexham
Thomas AN.G.2.37WW1Marble memorial 6' high. L/T. 2 behind, 13 left of CH Davies. Casualty 1st inscription. Wrexham
Tilston RC.10.23WW2Marble inscribed kerb, Grass CF. (CH) at head of grave outside of kerbs. Wrexham
Tudor D South of ChurchWW2White marble inscribed kerb, chips CF. 6L over path & 7F of Higgings. Casualty on right kerb. Wrexham
Williams W H C.7.16WW23 behind, 9 right of CH Joyce. Wrexham