Hawarden (St. Deiniol) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Beaton I R AGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Bellis GOld part S of ChurchWW2York stone cross 4ft high. Level turf. Casualty on left tier. 4 right & 2 forward of Local War Memorial. Standing with back to boundary wall. (PM) leaning forward. Flintshire
Bone A C GWW2L/T. Flintshire
Boyens L G NWWL/T. Flintshire
Bradshaw S WGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Brown J TGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Brown L W PGWW2Inspection starts at bottom lych gate opposite cemetery. Flintshire
Browne C EGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Burton RGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Butcher G FGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Clover W HNorth partWW218" x 14" white Portland inscribed plaque at foot of (CH). Flintshire
Coatman C A NWWL/T. Flintshire
Coleman P B GWW2L/T. Flintshire
Cushon G RGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Davies P GGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Drew M J NWWL/T. Flintshire
Dutton JNorth partWW2Recumbent Portland plaque 10" x 14" at foot of (CH). L/T. Flintshire
Dyer J HGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Ellsum W ANorth part. WW2L/T. Flintshire
Ensign R CGWW2L/T.Flintshire
Evans JNorth part.WW1L/T. (CH) has been bolted. Flintshire
Gladstone W G CIn family enclosureWW1White marble cross 6ft. Level turf. Casualty 1st inscription. 1 right & 1 forward Parish (CH). (PM) leaning forward. Flintshire
Hooker H EGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Hughes M CNorth partWW2White marble kerb 6ft x 3ft with turf. 4 rows behind, 4 right of CH to Roberts. Casualty on left kerb. Flintshire
Hughes RWest partWW2Grey granite cross 4ft high and kerb 6ft x 3ft with chippings. 8 right & 3 forward Wyatt (PM). Casualty 2nd inscription. Flintshire
Hurlbutt P (MC) In N.W. corner of Old GroundWW1York stone ledger on slab 7ft x 7ft. Casualty on left side of recumbent slab cover. 15 forward & 23 right Parish (CH). Flintshire
Kempling R J GWW2L/T. Flintshire
Laursen A V HGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Le Giallez M E NWWL/T. Flintshire
Machalek J A N4G.36WW2War Graves Plot. Maintained by contractor. Flintshire
McColl I MGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Milmine J M GWW1L/T. Flintshire
Newton B North partWW2Grey granite headstone 2ft high and kerb 6ft x 5ft with chippings. 1 left of J.H. Williams. Also black recumbent granite plaque 20" X 24". Casualty 3rd inscription. Flintshire
Nickerson R EGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Parish J N WWest partWW2Slate recumbent memorial 4ft x 2ft and slate kerb 8ft x 4ft with chippings. Also a semi-recumbent slate tablet at foot of grave. (CH) has an indented panel on which casualty is commemorated. Flintshire
Park A WGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Paul P G WGWW2L/T.Flintshire
Reynolds D R NWWL/T. Flintshire
Roberts G EL/T. WW2L/T. Flintshire
Sloan P MGWW2L/T.Flintshire
Trevor J S NWWL/T. Flintshire
Wainwright E J N.W. part. WW1York stone headstone 5ft high. A footstone 18" high is on the grave. Casualty 2nd inscription. 7 forward & 16 right Parish (CH). Flintshire
Walley DGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Weigh A DNorth part.WW2L/T. Flintshire
Weymouth G M 4G.35WW2War Graves Plot. Maintained by contractor. Flintshire
Williams J HNorth partWW2L/Soil. Flintshire
Wither D AGWW2L/T. Flintshire
Womack H A 'Harry'GWW2L/T. Flintshire
Wyatt H TWest partWW2Grey granite headstone 2ft high and kerb 6ft x 5ft with chippings. 11 forward & 4 left Parish (CH). Casualty 1st inscription. Flintshire