Higher Kinnerton (All Saints) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Davies WNorth of ChurchWW1White marble headstone 4ft high and kerb 6ft x 6ft with chippings C/F. 1 behind W. Jones (PM). Casualty 1st inscription. (PM) leaning backwards. Flintshire
Jones WNorth of ChurchWW120" x 14" York stone scroll (recumbent) and kerb. Chippings C/F. From Lych gate entrance 7 rows on right of path and 2 graves in. Casualty on scroll. Flintshire
Williams JWest of ChurchWW14' x 2' recumbent York stone slab. Level turf verges. 4 behind & 6 left over path Davies (PM). Casualty 2nd inscription. Flintshire