Holyhead (St. Mary's) Roman Catholic Cemetery

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Arsenault J G 118WW2L/T.Anglesey
Atkinson J On the South BoundaryWW1L/T.Anglesey
Boivin J L 117WW2L/TAnglesey
Boulanger J F Y A 129WW2L/T.Anglesey
Holland G E On the South BoundaryWW12x recumbent crosses on ledger tombs. 16' square kerbed grave area. L/T. 46 yds R of ATKINSON (CH). Casualty on right side of memorial.Anglesey
Penston J A 75WW2Concrete slab - CF. (CH) recumbent on grave. L/T verges.Anglesey
Pozniak J188WW2L/T.Anglesey
Radecki J M 112WW2L/T.Anglesey
Rosiewicz K 128WW2L/T.Anglesey
Woods T 107WW2L/T.Anglesey