Holywell (Zion) Congregational Chapelyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Aspinall W A E.10WW2York stone headstone 3ft high. Kerb, chippings. Against R boundary wall. Casualty 3rd inscription. 14 graves down from top gate roadside. Flintshire
Larsen T F.8WW2Grey granite headstone 2ft high, kerb 6ft x 6ft, chippings CF. Against R boundary wall. Casualty 1st inscription. 17 right Aspinall (PM) over grass pathway. Flintshire
Pulford S On left side of main pathWW1Grey granite cross 6ft high, kerb with chippings CF. Casualty 1st inscription. From gate at bottom of Chapelyard, 9 rows up on left against pathway. Flintshire