Hope Cemetery

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Clark P N 260WW2Double grave space with an inscribed vase to another member of the family. 3' black granite memorial to left of CH. L/T. Flintshire
Dixon C726WW2L/T. Flintshire
Griffiths T973WW1L/T. Flintshire
Henshaw R268WW1White marble kerb 7' x 7' with chippings. 8 left of CH to Clark. Casualty on foot-kerb. (PM) kerbs disjointed. Flintshire
Johnson A V 108CWW2Dismantled York stone cross 4' high. L/T. 16 left over path & 6 behind Kendrick (CH). Casualty on right tier. Flintshire
Kendrick J1244WW1L/T. Flintshire
Martin A 973WW1York stone headstone 3' high and kerb 6' x 3' with chippings. 1 in front , 13 right of Griffiths. Casualty 1st inscription. Flintshire
Morris F R145WW2The memorial consists of a white marble kerb 6' x 6' with chippings. (CH) at head of grave on right side. Flintshire
Roberts A E907WW1L/T. Flintshire
Stanley J G1152WW2Polished granite memorial 2'6" x 2". L/T. 1 in front, 3 right of CH to Kendrick. Casualty 3rd inscription. (PM) leaning forward. Flintshire