Llanberis (St. Peris) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Hughes GNew GroundWW1Slate kerb, grass centre.Gwynedd
Hughes O A, Hughes T JNorth West of the ChurchyardWW2Double plain stone kerbs. Open 16" x 24" stone book semi-recumbent (inscribed) to right of (CH). Chipping centre.Gwynedd
Jones D G New GroundWW13 tier cross base, plain matching kerb. CF chips. Casualty 2nd inscription. Through lych gate, 12 yds forward down path on right side and 10 graves back. Back of 1st building , R of entrance.Gwynedd
Jones H H In South East partWW1L/Turf.Gwynedd
Lewis JNorth West part of the ChurchyWW2T/M.Gwynedd
Owen O J New GroundWW1Grey granite headstone 2ft high, kerb with chippings. (CH) at foot of grave outside of kerbs.Gwynedd
Owen W RNew GroundWW15ft slate headstone. Plain kerb. Chips. 7L of G. Hughes. Casualty 1st inscription.Gwynedd
Roberts C WNorth West part of the ChurchyWW13' Slate headstone. Plain slate kerb, chips 2F 2R of Hughes O.A. Casualty 3rd inscription.Anglesey
Roberts C W North West part of the ChurchyWW23' Slate headstone. Plain slate kerb, chips. 2F "R of O.A. Hughes. Casualty 3rd inscription. Gwynedd
Rowlands W PSection A, grave 110WW1New Commemoration case October 07. 1B & 8R OWEN (CH). HO to query year of death - PM states 1918 and our records 1917.Gwynedd
Williams G ONorth of ChurchWW15ft slate headstone. Plain slate kerb, iron rail, CF chips. Footstone. Casualty 2nd inscription. Through Iych gate, 11yds forward down path and 3 graves in on left. In 3rd row L of entrance. (PM) leaning to left.Gwynedd