Llandudno (Great Orme's Head) Cemetery

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Bott J A W.96WW14'6" Marble cross, 3 tier base, kerbs, chips CF. (Group of 3 crosses). Casualty 1st inscription on right cross. 7 right across path and 3 forward of March (CH). (PM) leaning to left. Conwy
Boyce S CN.37 WW1L/T. Conwy
Brewer E O.12WW2Black granite kerbs. Chips CF. Also semi-recumbent black inscribed open book 12" x 18" at foot of grave. Conwy
Campbell J R S.2WW2Plain kerb of rock. CF chips. (CH) at head of grave. Conwy
Cummins C M A (M.B.E.)S.4WW2Walled kerb built up 18". CF of chippings. (CH) recumbent between 2 recumbent (CH) size stone memorials. 1L of Campbell. Conwy
Edmond J W C.2WW28' x 8' stone wall, kerb 2ft with paving strip in centre. Chips CF. 2B of G.L.S James. Casualty 1st inscription on right plaque affixed to wall. Conwy
Edwards E A.163WW1Inscribed white marble kerbs. Chips CF. Conwy
Evans C G.39WW15' Grey granite headstone. Kerb, chips CF. 1F and 16R over path of Fowler. Casualty 1st inscription.Conwy
Evans C A.171WW13' white marble headstone. Kerb, chips CF. (CH) at foot of grave outside of kerbs. Conwy
Evans J J J.65WW1L/T. Conwy
Fowler F J H.125WW2Plain kerb of rocks. L/T. Conwy
Gatley J J.13WW2Semi circular inscribed slate plaque on centre of grave. L/T. (CH) at head of grave. Conwy
Healey J A.31WW1L/T. Conwy
Hendrick J J O.37WW2Rock kerbs. Chips CF. Conwy
Hogan F M.66WW13' marble headstone. Kerbs, L/T CF. 2F 3L of March. casualty 2nd inscription. Conwy
Hughes A P U.27WW13' x 2' white marble scroll, kerbs, chips CF. CH recumbent. 1 R of Mitchell. Conwy
Hughes J Z.39WW15' Slate headstone, L/T. (CH) at foot of grave. (PM) leaning forward.Conwy
Humphreys R W D O.51WW2L/T. Conwy
James E N.74WW1L/T. Conwy
James G L S C.10WW2L/T. Conwy
Jones J N.75WW12' white marble tablet at foot of grave. (CH) Semi-recumbent on grave centre. Kerbs, white chipping centre. 1F of James. Conwy
Jones J H A.19WW2Artificial black grantex kerb, chips CF. 4R of Healey. Casualty on right lower kerb. Conwy
Limacher C J O.132WW2L/T. Conwy
March T A M.46WW1L/T. Conwy
Marke J W A.154WW1L/T. Conwy
Mitchell F U.32WW15'[ Slate headstone. L/T. (CH) at foot of grave. (PM) leaning to right. Conwy
Newbery F R T.45WW1Marble kerbs, grass centre. 4F 11L of Campbell. Conwy
Pierce G T E.52WW25ft white marble headstone. Plain white marble kerb. CF chips. 2F of CH Roberts. (CH) at foot of grave outside of kerbs. Conwy
Poole A W V.43WW15' slate headstone. Kerbs, chips CF. 2L 4F of Mitchell. Casualty 1st inscription. Conwy
Richards R H O.133WW2L/T. Conwy
Roberts J E Y.91WW12'6" Black marble headstone. Kerbs, chips CF. 5B and 7L of Hughes. Casualty 1st inscription. Conwy
Roberts W M E.50WW2L/T. Conwy
Thomas WA.160WW16' Marble headstone. Kerbs, chips Cf. 2L of Marke. Casualty 1st inscription. Conwy
Timms A C O.134WW2L/T. Conwy
Williams H L N.118WW22' x 18" Open white marble book, on grave centre. Kerbs, chips CF. (CH) at head of grave. Conwy
Williams W E (G.G.M.)D.2WW2Grey granite kerb, inscribed. CF chips. (CH) at head of grave outside of kerb. Also semi-recumbent 5" x 10" slate plaque at head of grave inside of kerbs. Conwy