Llanfwrog (Ss. Mwrog And Mary) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Ellis J R West side of E plotWW1Pennant inscribed kerb, chippings. (CH) at head of grave. (In painted white badge, cross and lettering). CH low but cannot be raised due to slab fixing of kerb set. Denbighshire
Jones H W West side (Extn) Row 3.5WW2L/T. Denbighshire
Jones R J North of ChurchWW1L/T. Denbighshire
Jones W F Nr N.E. corner of Church. WW2Marble memorial 5'6". L/T. Casualty 3rd inscription. 13yds forward & 8yds left of Jones R.J. (CH). Denbighshire
McGowan J R Extn East side of West plot. WW13' black granite headpiece. L/T. Casualty 1st inscription. 4 graves left of CH to G. Roberts. Denbighshire
Mostyn G A West side (Extn) Row 3.20WW2L/T. Denbighshire
Roberts GExtn East side of West plot. WW1L/T (in painted white badge & lettering) 17 Dec 09 CH removed by persons unknown. Spoke to vicar and received no reply. Visited 20/01/2010 headstone has been returned by persons unknown and tablet added to front of CH. CH fixing not by our staff and headstone polished and silver in-painted. Denbighshire
Roberts J WN.W. corner of ExtnWW2Grey granite memorial 2'6" high. Matching kerb, chips. 1 behind, 8 right of CH to G. Roberts. Casualty 1st inscription. Denbighshire