Llangristiolus (St. Christiolus) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Elias W J East part on New GroundWW1Slate memorial 5', matching kerbs, chips. 3F of Jones and 31L, almost end of row. Casualty 1st inscription. (PM) leaning forward.Anglesey
Jones R JN.N.W. of ChurchWW2L/T.Anglesey
Owen RN.N.W. of ChurchWW2Slate memorial 2'6", matching kerbs, chips. 1 behind, 11 left of CH Jones. Casualty 1st inscription. Anglesey
Pritchard T N.N.W. of ChurchWW2Slate memorial 2'6", matching kerbs, grass centre. 1B & 24L JONES(CH).Anglesey
Roberts TEast part of New GroundWW1Slate memorial 5'. Double matching kerbs, cement, pebble CF. 4F & 17L of Jones. Casualty 1st inscription.Anglesey
Williams RN.N.W. of ChurchWW22'6" recumbent slate memorial, matching kerbs, chips. 1F & 3L of R.J. Jones. casualty 3rd inscription.Anglesey