Llanycil (St. Beuno) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Edwards E W West of churchWW1L/T. Gwynedd
Ellis W H In North partWW1Slate memorial 4'6" high. L/T. With your back to the church door, go in a vertical line for approximately 17 graves up towards the site entrance gate on the main road and 1 grave to the left. Casualty 2nd inscription. Gwynedd
Evans C E North East cornerWW2L/T. Marble headstone 12" x 10" to right of (CH). Gwynedd
Pritchard D North East cornerWW2L/T.Gwynedd
Thomas D J South East of churchWW1Slate memorial 5'6" high. L/T. 4L of iron railed grave beneath windows on left side of church (East wall). Casualty 3rd inscription. (PM) leaning backwards. Gwynedd