Llwyngwril (St. Celynin) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Grieve J + five other British Merchant Seamen. North East part of the yardWW1Slate memorial 5'0" high. Treble matching kerb. Stone chipping centre with inset slate kerb with small white chippings. 58yds forward of Church. In North East corner of churchyard, 2yds from North boundary, 10yds from East boundary hedge.Gwynedd
Jones ESouth East part of the yardWW1Slate memorial 4'9" high. Matching kerb, chipping centre. In South East corner, 10 yards from North boundary hedge, 10 yards from East boundary hedge. To left of Grieve (PM) at top of incline. Gwynedd
Jones J T South West part of Ext.WW1Slate memorial 5' high. Matching kerb, grass centre. Casualty 1st inscription. Follow path up hill, then right to small circular island. Go over, up path to boundary hedge (T Junction). The grave is on the right and 6 grave spaces down on right. (PM) leaning to left. Gwynedd