Llysfaen (St. Cynfran) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Jones A P In SW partWW1White marble memorial 5" high. Casualty 1st inscription. 3 forward & 7 right Roberts W (CH). Conwy
Jones G S 95 (New Ground)WW2Marble memorial 4'4" high, matching plain kerb, green chips. NHMP. 1 in front and 2 left of W. Jones. Conwy
Jones W82 (New Ground)WW2Grey granite cross 6' high. Matching plain kerb, chips. NHMP. 3 rows in and 12 graves from North wall.Conwy
Larson J G In SE partWW1White marble memorial 5' high. L/T. Casualty 2nd inscription. Through main gate, 3rd row down on left and 8 graves along. (PM) leaning to right. Conwy
Roberts RIn SE partWW1Slate memorial 6' high, matching double space kerbs, grass centre. Casualty 3rd inscription. Through main gates, 2nd row down on right and 4 graves along. (PM) leaning forward. Conwy
Roberts WIn SW partWW1L/T.Conwy
Williams J In SE part.WW1White marble memorial 4'6" high of local stone, plain kerb. L/T. Through main gates, 6 rows down on left and 3 graves along. Casualty 2nd inscription. Conwy