Mostyn (Christ Church) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Jones J ONorth of ChancelWW1Church located at side of Gold Digger pub. White marble headstone 3ft high. Through main gate and 50 yards forward on left. L/T. 7 paces in from N boundary. Casualty 4th inscription.Flintshire
Lee B S East of ChurchWW1White marble headstone 4ft high and kerb. Chips CF. 4 in on left of path from bottom gate. 1 forward and 23 yards left over path Roberts (PM). Casualty 1st inscription. Flintshire
Roberts J E N.E. of ChurchWW2Grey granite headstone 2ft high, kerb, chippings CF. 5th row in from bottom gate. 24 yards forward and 3 right Jones (PM). Casualty 1st inscription. Flintshire