Nefyn New Cemetery

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Owen G E 1.164WW2Grey granite headstone 3ft high, kerb, chippings CF. In 4th row from boundary wall, abutting new industrial buildings. 9th grave in row from path. Casualty 1st inscription. Through small pedestrian entrance gates from factory, 4 rows forward on left side of path and 9 graves along row. 13 left & 7 behind Roberts (MWC).Gwynedd
Roberts J T I.28WW1UNMARKED GRAVE between Mary Roberts and William Turner facing path. Through main gates, walk down centre path to cross-paths, turn left at bins. The grave is 22 graves up on left side of path. 7F & 13R Owen (PM). Please see information on file RR CASE no further action to mark grave.Gwynedd
Thomas W G2.163WW1Slate headstone 5ft high, kerb, chippings CF. In first row facing tool shed 7th grave in row from path. Casualty 2nd inscription. 16F over path Owen (PM)Gwynedd