Old Colwyn Church Cemetery

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Daniell E EG.3WW1Recumbent marble cross & block headpiece and matching kerb, chips. Casualty on left of block headpiece. Through main gates, go down to ruin of chapel. Go to right side, 3rd window down. Then 13yds to the right. Conwy
Davies W O C.19WW1Recumbent White marble memorial 4'6" high. Matching kerb, chips. Casualty 3rd inscription. 1 behind & 3 right H.E. Jones (PM). Conwy
Fardon H H J.45WW1White marble cross 6' high with Angel. Double space, matching kerb, chips. Casualty 1st inscription. Through main entrance gates, down towards chapel ruin. Turn right just before Yew tree prior to chapel. Go 7 graves to your right.Conwy
Jones A J H G.50WW2Slate kerb 3' x 7' inscribed. C/Filling chippings. (CH) in middle of grave. Conwy
Owen N (D.F.C.)C.CE.34WW2Grey granite memorial 3ft high. Matching kerb, chips. 10B & 9R Jones A.J.H. (CH). Conwy
Roberts J G E.2.125WW2Polished grey granite memorial 3' high. Matching double kerb, chips. CH erected at head of grave No. 125 to left of PM also. Casualty 3rd inscription. Conwy