Penmaenmawr (Dwygyfylchi) Cemetery

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Barnett R T FB.366WW1Inscribed white marble kerb. L/T CF. 1L of Hunter. Casualty on right kerb. Conwy
Bees A S.108WW2L/T. Conwy
Coleman W A.182WW15' slate headstone. Kerb. L/T CF. In 2nd row, L of main gate, 3rd grave down. Casualty 3rd inscription. (PM) leaning to right. Conwy
Dobson G M B.367WW26' grey granite Celtic cross, double kerbs. Grass CF. 2B 4L of Evans. Casualty 1st inscription. Conwy
Dyer W H D.44.AWW2PM a 3' red granite headstone. Plain matching kerb. CF chips. 23R 7F of W.S. Roberts. Casualty 3rd inscription. Conwy
Evans E K.1047WW2Double artificial kerb inscribed. CF chips. (CH) at head of grave on right. Conwy
Evans R E G.690WW23' Red porcelain headstone. Kerbs, chips CF. 2F 5R of Lawrence. Casualty 2nd inscription. Conwy
Foulkes P B.326WW1L/T. Conwy
Hunter F B.367WW1Plain kerb. L/T CF. Conwy
Jones D L H.545WW15' slate headstone. Kerb, chips CF. 22R of St. Vincent Ryan. Conwy
Jones H E S113.AWW23 x 3 Slate headstone. Plain kerb same. CF chips. 1B 8R of A. Bees. Casualty 1st inscription. Conwy
Jones J W L.1528WW2Slate Plaque 2' x 2'6". Slate kerb. CF chippings. (CH) at head of grave. Conwy
Lawrence C G.573WW1Wooden kerb. Soil CF. Conwy
Lister R K L.1322WW2Plain kerbs. Chips Cf. (CH) at head of grave outside of kerbs. Conwy
McFarlane J G F L.1319WW23 x 3 Local stone headstone. Plain kerb. CF chips. 3 graves right from C/H Lister. Conwy
Moody D R H.544WW15' Slate headstone. Kerbs, slab CF. 21R of St. Vincent Ryan. Casualty 1st inscription. (PM) leaning to right. Conwy
Parry T W G.436WW15' slate headstone. Plain kerbs, chips CF. 4B 4L of Lawrence. Casualty 2nd inscription. Conwy
Roberts H D.47WW15' slate headstone. Plain kerbs. L/T CF. 26R 8F of W.S. Roberts. Casualty 2nd instrumental. Conwy
Roberts H L J.1095WW1L/T.Conwy
Roberts W H I.500WW13'6 Slate headstone. footstone L/T. 2F 15L of Hunter. Casualty 1st inscription. (PM) leaning backwards. Conwy
Roberts W S S.80WW2Black granite kerb inscribed. CF chips. (CH) at foot of grave inside of kerbs. Conwy
St Vincent Ryan E W G.564WW1L/T. Conwy
Turner E S M.1244WW2L/T. Conwy