Pontblyddyn (Christ Church) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Jones A W On South boundary of old yardWW1CH + PM 3' Stancliffe stone tiered cross, kerbs 9ft x 8ft with soil C/F. Casualty on right tiered sections. Top South boundary. 15yds forward of hut & 2yds from left boundary wall. Met family P Kaufman 29/09/2011 agreed location for CH on grave to front left of PM facing church erected 14/10/2011.Flintshire
Jones ERow 2.23WW1L/T. Flintshire
Lloyd P A IWest boundaryWW13 York stone crosses 4ft high surrounded by an iron rail with York stone posts 12ft x 18ft. (Family grave). Casualty on middle cross. 1B & 26L of Williams (CH). Flintshire
Williams G H 22WW2White marble kerb 6ft x 3ft with chippings. (CH) at head of grave outside kerbs. Flintshire