Rhosllannerchrugog Cemetery

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Cartwright AM.17/18 (New Ground)WW2Grey granite memorial 3' high, double space, matching kerb, chips. Casualty 2nd inscription. 2B & 40L over path of J. Davies. 2F & 3L B. Jones. Wrexham
Charles GO.61 (New Ground)WW2Grey granite memorial 3' high, double space, matching kerb. Chips. 5R of J. Davies. Casualty 1st inscription on main (PM). Also three, grey granite inscribed semi-recumbent 14" x 18" plaques and two, white marble vases sit on the grave. Wrexham
Davies JO.55/56 (New Ground)WW2Marble kerb inscribed, double space. Centre filled chippings. CH 40cm in from head kerb. Wrexham
Davies J RJ.63/64 (New Ground)WW2Grey granite inscribed double space kerbs/posts. Chips C/F. 1R of H. Williams. Casualty on head kerb. Wrexham
Davies J TH.56WW1Marble memorial 5' high, matching kerb, chips. Also 24" x 30" semi-recumbent white marble plaque on grave centre. Casualty 2nd inscription. 4B & 7R of E. Powell. Wrexham
Davies S M.5WW12" 6" white marble memorial. L/T. Casualty 1st inscription. 1B & 3R of G. Roberts. Wrexham
Davies SN.42 (Old Ground)WW2Marble kerb, turf. No inscription to W.C. 2F 6L of Powell (CH). PED 20cm in from head kerb. Wrexham
Davies SF.13 (New Ground)WW2Marble memorial 2'6" high, matching kerb, chips. 9 behind over path, 43 graves left over path of CH to J. Davies. Also 5B, 7L from Jones B. Wrexham
Edwards BN.56 (New Ground). WW2Marble memorial 3' high, matching kerb to grave space. Chips. Casualty 1st inscription. 1 Behind CH to J. Davies (CH). Wrexham
Evans R WQ.49WW1Recumbent York stone memorial 4'5" high, matching kerb, turf. Casualty 2nd inscription. 5 forward over path & 1 right Powell (CH). Wrexham
Hannaby AK.28WW1Marble inscribed kerb, chips. 7R of Rowlands. Casualty on left kerb. Wrexham
Jones B K.21 (New Ground)WW2Inscribed granite kerbs/posts, chips. (CH) Semi-recumbent. 4 rows behind over path CH to Davies and 36 left. Wrexham
Jones C WD.3 (New Ground)WW2Marble inscribed kerb, chips. Casualty on left kerb. 7 forward & 43 left Thomas J (CH). PED 20cm in from head kerb. Wrexham
Jones ED.54 (Old Ground)WW2Recumbent, 3' grey granite memorial on grave space. Matching double kerb/posts, chips. Casualty 1st inscription. 6R & 8B over path of Powell. Wrexham
Jones GM.49 (New Ground)WW2Grey granite memorial 3' high, matching kerb, chips. 2 behind over path & 7 left J. Davies (CH). Casualty 1st inscription. Wrexham
Jones H W.69WW1L/Y. Wrexham
Jones TL.72WW1Marble memorial 5'6" high, matching kerb, chips CF. 23 right over path Powell (CH). Casualty 1st inscription. Wrexham
Pemberton G EJ.6/7 (Old Ground)WW2Marble kerb inscribed to double grave space. Chips. CH 30cm in from head kerb. Wrexham
Powell EL.28WW1L/T. Wrexham
Roberts GN.2WW1L/T. Replacement headstone erected 01/10/2013.Wrexham
Roberts G H Q.39/40 (New Ground)WW24 foot grey granite PM level grass 2F & 16L of J. Davies. Casualty 2nd inscription. New PM erected 2007. Wrexham
Roberts Richard (Rec)M.61 (New Ground)WW2Granite memorial 4' high, matching double kerb, chips. 3F & 1L of H. Williams. Casualty 1st inscription. Wrexham
Rowlands TK.21WW1L/T. Wrexham
Thomas JA.I.49WW1L/T. Wrexham
White FL.19WW1L/T. Wrexham
Williams HJ.62 (New Ground)WW2L/T. Wrexham