Rhyl Town Cemetery

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Astley J 1231WW1L/T. Denbighshire
Barber E H 7.3406 (Service Plot)WW2L/T. Denbighshire
Blakemore G H G7.3002WW2York stone kerb 6ft x 3ft with chippings. (CH) at head of grave. Denbighshire
Chapman F P C 7.3402 (Service Plot)WW2L/T. Denbighshire
Coleman A G (Q.M.)7.3410 (Service Plot)WW2L/T. Denbighshire
Davies W E 116WW1L/T. Denbighshire
Dent C 8.3542 (Outside Service Plot)WW2L/T. 14" x 20" inscribed white open marble book at foot of (CH). Denbighshire
Dobbins F L 100WW12ft white marble headstone now recumbent on grave space. Kerbs, chippings CF. 1 right of CH to Davies. Casualty 1st inscription. Denbighshire
Emlyn A C M 2740WW14' White marble cross, kerb, level turf C/F. 7 forward over path & 7 left Fazakerley (CH). Casualty 1st inscription. Denbighshire
Fazakerley B G1203WW1L/T. Denbighshire
Goode A E1073WW12' White marble headstone, kerb, chippings CF. 25 graves right over path od CH to R.W.C. Roberts. Casualty 1st inscription. Denbighshire
Hall C J 2794WW1L/T. Denbighshire
Hart N V2.948WW2White marble headstone 2ft high and kerb. Chippings C/F. Casualty 3rd inscription. 3 forward & 33 right over path F.G. Roberts (CH). Denbighshire
Hayes J W7.3408 (Service Plot)WW2L/T. Denbighshire
Hughes H 8.3555 (Outside Service Plot)WW2Dark grey granite headstone 2ft high and kerb 6ft x 3ft with chippings. 1 behind and 1 right of CH to Lane. Casualty 1st inscription. Denbighshire
Jackson W M8.3792 (Outside Service Plot)WW2L/T. Denbighshire
Jones A R1.78WW1Grey granite headstone 5ft high and level turf. Casualty 7th inscription. 7 behind & 2 right W.E. Davies (CH). Denbighshire
Jones D R 1.130WW22ft grey granite headstone, kerb, chippings CF. 2 behind and 1 left of CH to Davies. Casualty 1st inscription. (PM) leaning to left. Denbighshire
Jones J O 361WW1White marble kerb 6ft x 3ft and level turf. 2 in front, 1 right of Lloyd. Casualty on right kerb. Denbighshire
Lane R F J8.3572 (Outside Service Plot)WW2Sandstone block with inscribed shield to casualty at foot of (CH). L/T.Denbighshire
Lloyd O 375WW1L/T. Denbighshire
Lonny T 7.3403 (Service Plot)WW2L/T. Denbighshire
Moulton E 8.3824 (Outside Service Plot)WW2L/T. Denbighshire
Nicholas H D 4.1815WW2White marble plaque at foot of CH 20" x 20". L/T. Denbighshire
Parry J 1206WW1Slate kerb, chippings C/F. (CH) at head of grave. Denbighshire
Plunkett T 1190WW13' white marble cross now recumbent on grave space. L/T. 2 graves right of CH to J.Parry. Denbighshire
Roberts E 1899WW1White marble cross 6ft high and kerb 6ft x 3ft with level turf. Casualty 2nd inscription. 4 forward & 28 right C.J. Hall.Denbighshire
Roberts F 14WW1White marble column 8ft high and kerb 7ft x 7ft. Green chippings. Casualty 1st inscription. 4 behind & 6 right W.E. Davies. Denbighshire
Roberts F G 6.2403WW22 forward and three right of RWC Roberts (CH) and two right of family memorial to Amelia Williams. Denbighshire
Roberts R W C 6.2425WW2L/T. Denbighshire
Taberner J 1174WW1L/T. Denbighshire
Trehearn P L N 1.362WW2White marble headstone 7ft high and kerb 7ft x 7ft with chippings. Casualty 2nd inscription. 1R 3F of Lloyd. Denbighshire
Ward J J 7.3405 (Service Plot)WW2L/T. Denbighshire
Williams G A6.2450WW2Black Grantex kerb 7ft x 7ft with chippings. 1 in front and 2 left od CH to R.W.C. Roberts. Casualty on recumbent wooden cross and also left kerb. Denbighshire
Wilson I S7.3404WW2L/T. Denbighshire