Whitchurch (St. Marcella) Churchyard

Casualty Name Grave Location War Remarks County
Davies W A 296 (South West part)WW23' x 2' Grey granite block. Kerbs, chips centre. CH at foot of grave outside kerbs. Denbighshire
Jones D9.569 (West of Church)WW1Marble memorial 4'6" high, matching plain kerb, grass centre. 5 behind and 3 left of T. Roberts. Casualty 1st inscription. (PM) leaning forward. Denbighshire
Jones E B 381 (South West part)WW2T/M - soil top. 5 behind and 4 left of CH to Davies. Denbighshire
Pritchard R S 315 (South West part)WW2L/T. 2 Stone vases on grave. Denbighshire
Roberts ENorth of ChurchWW1L/T. Denbighshire
Roberts H 29 (North West part)WW1Slate memorial 5'. L/T inpainted white backs onto boundary wall. Casualty 2nd inscription. 47yds behind over 2 grass pathways E. Roberts. Denbighshire
Roberts T 4.19 (West of Church)WW1White marble cross 5' high, matching plain kerb, chips. NHMP. Casualty 1st inscription. 2 behind & 21 right W.A. Davies (CH). Denbighshire
Williams W G 7.9 (North West part)WW2Marble memorial 3'6" high, matching plain double space kerb. Chips. NHMP. Casualty 1st inscription. 1 forward & 28 right over grass path D. Jones (PM).Denbighshire